We knew, as soon as we emerged from the room into the forest, that something was off. Everything smelled… different. The plants in the forest were a hair bluer, the cabin just that small amount closer to the banks of the water. The library had nearly the same books, but not quite. Some I'd never heard of, though, maybe possibly. And what pissed me off the most: no truck!

At this point, I figured we were being pranked. That this area of the woods may not have been so private. Though, that didn't seem likely. There was a feeling that this was all ours. That there was a definitive explanation for where the truck was, and all our bags being in the bedroom with clothes that weren't quite ours.

We cooked and ate dinner in silence. I don't think we could've expressed what we were feeling, much less believed what had and was happening.

I was cleaning up when someone comes through the door of the cabin. I see Crystal's face first, wide-eyed and confused. When I turn around, I find Cyrstal and myself staring back at us. Yes, us. Well, they're almost us. Our hair, style, and mannerisms just a hair off — about the same fraction of a difference as the smell of the air, color of the forest, and everything else. But, absolutely us. Some version of us.

It is me who finally breaks the ice, as I finally realized there is a half-chewed hotdog bite in my mouth. It went something like this:

"Uh. Hi?" I asked, verbose as usual.

"Whooooooo..." I said. Well, the other me, said.

"Us," whispered Crystal.

After the awkwardness of meeting yourself for the first time, things become less so two rounds of drinks. We explained what happened to a reception of great disbelief, of course. But, they had no other explanation for the similarities and knowledge that we had about their (our) lives.

Later, with a comfier load of drinks in us, I met eyes with myself only to see the same question going through my head. Too loudly, and abruptly I might add, I blurted "Do you all wanna fuck?"

I was thoroughly surprised when the unanimous answer was "Yes!"

[I'll spare the details of this sex'capade, because, quite frankly, it was full of stumbles as we were drunk and nervous. However, I knew there was a vibe there, and with a Master, it could be awesome. :]


In the morning, I went straight to the library to find the same silver dot book. It was there and, like the other books, somewhat different, including the notes in the back. This book had two other coordinates that our version did not. I ntoed the coordinates for where we currently were, said our goodbyes (for then, at least), and jumped back into the machine with the new coordinate.

Like before, we stepped out to a slightly different world. We looked at each other with the same question, and answer: "Should we stay the night anyway?" We made our way to the cabin.

In this world, we were the "copies". So, Crystal and I hid in the forest when we saw them skinny dipping in the lake. We even whispered like creeps, slapping each other's hands like children when the other's idea was absurd. We eventually agreed on a plan of attack, however.

We walked down to the lake, and Crystal nonchalantly and matter-of-factly explained everything that had just happened to us, and even the previous version of themselves. These versions of us had a harder time believing us.

They finally came ashore and we had a chance to prove it to them. Later in the evening, after a great dinner and drinks, I prompted another sexual experiment. This time, however, there was definitely a risk of being rejected, if only for the plan's complexity.

I would get all versions together. I was finally able to convince everyone that we'd be safe — despite, at this point, I didn't even understand how the machine worked — and have a hell of a party while doing so. In shifts, we return to the second coordinates.

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