The next morning, instead of going for a swim or boating, we both look at each other and instantly know we’re going back to the room. We gather as many tools and supplies as we can carry. We even bring a tent, just in case we get stuck there and it’s too late to walk back.I bring the silver dot book. It was just too much of a coincidence to not come along.

When we get there, we immediately begin patching up the wires with wiresnips and black tape. There are so many broken lines that we begin to ration the black tape.

[At this point, I don’t know what was driving us to "rebuild" this room. We had no clue what it was or what it did. The mystery was just too exciting to think much about anything else.]

It's about evening when we finally agree we're finished. We eat linner in flashlight. After shoving the last of her hamburger in her mouth, Crystal stands up and throws the main power junction to its on position, giggling, expecting nothing to happen. To both of our surprise, however, not only does the room smark to life, but a window we thought was a screen, lights up, as well. At its center is a silver glob. Based on the size of the railing leading to it, it was around thirty feet wide, seemingly seamless and as glossy as mercury.

We must’ve stood staring agape for half an hour, astonished, confused, and simply blown away by what we were seeing. We didn’t/couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

Below the window a screen prompted input with "COORD>". It looked similar to DOS, so I tried a command, but I only received "unknown syntax". Nothing I tried worked. I remembered the notes in the back of the silver dot book, pulled them out, and tried the first one. I pressed enter. The room because to awake with life, reels turning, processes waking like dragons with upset stomachs. To the right of the control table, in what was a dark corner before, a door unlocked and cracked open. We’d never noticed this before then.

We were drifting on autopilot as we entered the room, watching the globe get larger as we approached it. We were no more than ten feet away when a ovular door opened on the surface of the globe and brightly lit white interior met the dark contrast of the room the globe was in. On the sides of the interior were two seats, opposite each other. The center was a massive knotted, tangled, webbing of intricate wiring, lights, and "screens". We both took a seat, like this was some rollercoaster we weren’t too sure about riding. After a bit of silence, I see a post-applied crude button on the console that simply states "LAUNCH".

I was halfway through asking "What do you think will happen if I press this button" when I press the button and instantly (momentarily) regret that decision. A deep, tonal engine roars to life somewhere far away. I can feel it rumbling beneath us. I peer around the console to see her frozen face. I was gripped by a healthy blend of fear and marvel. The steady bass tones grew so loud that nothing else could be heard. I even thought I was yelling to Crystal at one point, but not only was I unable to hear myself, I couldn’t feel my voice.

Then utter silence, save for the slow rise in volume of our heavy breathing and my heart beating in my chest. The world around began to… peel from itselves. [That is the only way I can explain it even to this day.] Before my eyes, it was like all the colors of the rainbow were split from each other, toning small sliver of space. I could feel the fraction of a mil difference between the layers of spaces. More over, I felt the difference between how I was existing and the nothing that adhered the existences.

[The best visual way I can explain it is like this:]

And then it was over. Everything reversing back into place, but at triple the speed, ending with a final crack, like a lighning bolt half a mile away.

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