While I stood at the grill, tending to the food, watching my two selves and Crystal's, I was filled with a great sense of responsibility and power. Not just some imperial sense of power, but more like an alpha wolf might feel. I watched three versions of Crystal's ass bounce down to the docks to smoke. I was rock hard.

This was all great, but I was salivating like that wolf, anticipating my secret agenda. After the great desert by the third Crystal, I pulled out a large bundle of rope and whip the air to my right. Everyone's attention was on me.

I tell everyone to remove their clothing, completely, and then stand in a line: mes on one side, Crystals on the other. As I walked by each Crystal, I caressed their shoulders, smelling each of their napes, extracting in detail each and every similarity and difference. When I got to my Crystal, I breathed her in deeply, and kissed the nape of her neck and temples. I layed her on the bed, and then each other Crystal. I held her legs high, motioning to the other mes to do the same. We then tied their legs together. I kissed her toes, ankles, calves, knees, and thighs (like milk espuma!), until I took her entire pussy in my mouth. I wanted to bit it off and taste every inch (inside and out), ensuring to get every drop of her juices on every surface of my tongue, savoring every drop. Seeing as how that would put an end to everything, I did not bite it off. Instead, I suckled, nibbled, and drew as many art history paintings that I could remember from college with my tongue, until she came; body taught, damp with sweat, and eyes wide with the smallest death I'd seen in her.

I was so lost in Crystal that I had completely forgot about our other selves, who were doing the exact — save for the third versions of ourselves, who had switched to sixty-nine at some point.

I took my fingers and lightly stole a bit of lube from between her legs. I grabbed my dick and began rubbing it. I kissed Crystal, licking her neck and behind her ears. She needed to rest a moment, so I walked around our wheel of fuck and touched myselves, smelling each one, revelling in the oddity of it all. [It's one thing to touch and kiss your lover's other self, but your other self is an entirely different universe, altogether. I can't say it felt too much like myself... yet, not much like an Other.]

I prompted them to switch. Untied Crystals, and switched up the couples. We took turns, and I noticed the differences in them immediately, not just touch, motion, and smells, but vibe aswell.

[Maybe that isn't the word for it. The best way I could describe it is;— say you a partner you're really digging, right? After spending so much time with her/him, you learn many details about them. Crystal is 5'6", 165lbs in winter, and smells of diluted sweat mixed with magnolia pedals and a touch of copper. She carries a backpack everywhere she goes: and this has gotten us out of countless pridicaments beyond this experience alone. She always wears black. Always.]

I craved Crystal, the real Crystal, my Crystal. I untied her, took her hand, and guided her out the cabin, down the yard to the bank, and into the water. Holding her firmly, feet planted in the soft floor of the lake, I entered her again, kissing, devouring her earlobes. I moved her up and down on me with ease in the weightlessness of the water until, bodies taught like bowstrings, we came together, eyes stretched and open to the hole-ridden blanket in the sky. ≡

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