The morning was usual “whatdowedonow?” brainstorming over breakfast. We decide to do something gay right off the bat to get it out of the way: a bread, cheese, and wine lunch in the forest after a hike.

The path was pretty shit, overgrown from lack of traffic, making it hard for either of us to agree on a spot to park our asses after the two hour hike. Right as I was about to spread out an inappropriate-for-a-forest-floor quilt on the ground, Crystal called out. I turn 360° but she was nowhere to be seen. She called again and I followed the voice. At the bottom of a large hole leading into an underground cave was Crystals waving me down. A rusting ladder was the only way to get down the sixteen foot drop. We followed it in as deep as we could, which isn’t very far. It's shallow enough to make out an official looking tank-like door, hinges and locks rusted pretty good.

Crystal looked back at me with a shit-eating that stretched from ear to ear. I was pretty curious myself with this odd door. I mess with the door latch, but it is bonded on pretty good from weathering. I look for a heavy duty branch and set-up a basic pry. It takes a couple tries, but I finally get the door wedged open enough for Crystal to fit through. It is tight, but finds her way in without scrapes. With her inside, we’re able to get the door entirely open. It smells the usual rust and mildew smell of abandoned industrial sites, but there’s something a bit different about the interior of what looked like a tech lab. All the wires had been hapahazardly severed, terminals unconnected, and thrown on the ground.

The space is pretty much a 10' square box with two walls consisting of old reel-to-reels and processors, and one being a massive console with several old tube screens.

I notice on the floor, a fading sheet of paper with the letterheading reading "MIT: School of Engineering | DARPA #ST2766". "ST2766" was written by hand. I show Crystal, to which she replies: "Creeeepy", wriggling fingers in my face.

We go back up and enjoy our picnic over discussions about what the room could've been used for.

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