Swedish News

I worked closely with editor-in-chief and owner Ulf Mårtensson for seven years as art director and editorial designer of record, but also as a staffed designer at the agency that first assisted with his publications — Flat — back in 2005. Cumulatively, I've served on Nordic Reach magazine's staff for 10 years, and their 150+ year old newspaper's, Nordstjernan, staff for 5 years.

During this tenure I provided creative assistance for all things Swedish News, consulting closely with Ulf on numerous projects that bled far from both of the publisher's major holdings: the magazine and newspaper. This included countless books, novels, printed resources and peripherals, web products including the design of the information architecture, experience, and theming of the magazine, newspaper, and news forum (xoxosweden.com) websites.

↑ Just a few of the thousands of pages and covers designed for Nordic Reach that I designed during my tenure.

↓ The American import reprint for God Jul, a contemporary cookbook for traditional Swedish Christmas dishes.

↓ I redesigned the newspaper's masthead in 2006, under the art direction of Petter Ringbom (alumni partner of Flat).

↓ I designed the masthead and layouts for the semiannual insert in Nordsterjnan for The Vasa Star.


Art Direction, Design + Production, Illustration, Photo + Video Editing, Copywriting


2008-15 (self) / 2005-08 (Flat)