About Dan Arbello

Agencies I've Worked for
Clients I've Worked for
  • Aerospace
  • Aerothreads
  • American Red Cross
  • ATCC
  • BASF
  • BBDO New York
  • BBYO
  • Biotechnology Industry Organization
  • Blue KC
  • Boston Herald
  • Bowie & Co
  • CarIQ
  • Carnegie Museum of Art
  • City Center at Bishop Ranch
  • Communities in School
  • Cooperative of American Physicians
  • The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory
  • Granite Construction
  • Guardian Protection
  • Imprivata
  • Japan Society
  • Library of Congress
  • LifeStyles
  • Neal Sperling
  • New York Road Runners
  • Nordic Reach
  • Nordsjernan
  • Norwest Venture Partners
  • One Rock Capital
  • Perella Weinberg Partners
  • Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
  • Pulte Homes
  • Quicken
  • Quorum Consulting
  • Renew Financial
  • SAE International
  • Segal Benz
  • Shift Digital
  • Spira Care
  • SRI International
  • Sugar Films
  • SunPower
  • Swedish News
  • Texas Law Help
  • The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery
  • The Journal, AARP International
  • TPG Capital
  • Tueo Health
  • Velocity Mortgage Capital
  • William-Sonoma to the Trade
  • ZMags
Awards Garnered
  • AIGA 365 (twice)
  • Communication Arts: Site of the Week (twice)
  • Design Matters: Brochures
  • STEP Best of the Web
  • STEP Design 100
  • W3C (silver and gold, several times)

I'm probably not the creative you're used to working with.

I’ve shed the limitation of static-only, anemic designs, patched together with hotspots or exported as PDFs only to be printed out and pinned to whiteboards. I’ve traded pixel-perfect for responsibly-responsive and accessibly inclusive.

In the process of adding more tools to my toolbox, I’ve changed how I design and build user experiences and themes, and ultimately how users use those products. If you would like to delve deeper into this process and workflow you can access the presentation I used for my talk at No Code Conf 2019 here.

Web is just a medium, though, so I come correct with professional digital, editorial, print, and branding experience since 2005.

Solo Experience

With ten years of freelance/contractor experience, it is a difficult matter elaborating the countless projects and figurative hats I've donned. In a weak summation, however, a key role in these ten years logged so far has been as an art director and general creative consultant for Swedish News: an American-Swedish publisher and distributor with a nearly 150 year old newspaper (with a basis of over 130,000 national and international subscribers), a quarterly lifestyle magazine (with an average 40,000 subscribers), and countless books and novels.

Now for the bullets…

Agency Experience (discluding freelance)

Lead Designer & Developer
  • Provide front-end development/theming for (mostly) Drupal builds.
  • Provide in-medium UX/UI design and prototyping.
  • Support sales and strategy.
  • Evangelize and consult on in-medium (no code) design workflow and product building.
Senior Designer
  • Provide high level ideation, data analysis, and UX/UI design for a wide range of clients.
  • Provide print material and branding design and production.
  • Internal evangelist for in-medium design and workflow.
Design Lead
  • Key player in the evolution of the agency from a [primarily] development build/support vendor to a full-service boutique.
  • Lead a team of designers (2-4 on average, including contractors and full-time staff) through critiques, technical assistance, and production tasks. Assist in resourcing designers and suggesting front-end engineers, leveraging each individual's unique abilities.
  • Evangelist and tutor for in-medium design and workflow.
  • Assist in new hires and the on-boarding of designers and freelancers.
  • Lead the agency in aesthetics, RFP pitches, and the design-to-development hand-off process.
  • Assist a friend in the growth of their accounting and tax consulting boutique by intimately consulting all business housekeeping needs from tax consulting for clientele to branding/marketing.
3PC Media
Senior Designer
  • Lead the design and production efforts, as well as a tight team of one main designer and a shifting third/fourth resource (usually an engineer and/or 3D artist), through complex digital builds in a wide variety of deliverable mediums: iOS apps, websites and web apps, exhibition kiosks, and print peripherals.
Senior Designer
  • Provide high level direction, design, and production assistance to core portfolio projects in mediums ranging from branding, editorial, illustration, and web design/theming.
  • Lead Junior Designers through a myriad of production and creative tasks, ensuring high fidelity of work and successful deliveries.
  • My first and most pivotal professional experience for grounding my workflow and design process thanks to three incredible partners, and co-partner and art director Petter Ringbom. His unforgiving tutelage formed my core abilities and thought-process.
  • The large portfolio pool yet very small team (office size was commonly maxed at 4-6 with 2-3 of those being engineers) led to opportunities of being involved in roles an entry level designer is not often afforded.


Graphic Design (concentration in Illustration and Literature) → 2001-2005Maryland Institute College of Art

Printmaking + Photography → 2003 study abroadCentral St. Martins College of Art


Managerial + Directorial Skills

Recent Explorations + Experience

Unnecessary Facts

A portrait of Dan Arbello, the subject of this page, leaning on a civil war era gravestone with his friend from school, circa 1995. They are both wearing typical late 90s urban clothing, with Dan donning the dumbest-looking grin an awkward teenage nerd could ever wear on their acne-riddled face.

↑ The last time I ever wore white, circa 1995.