Professional Writing

A collection of boring and arduous writing about corporate design and development.

Descriptive but not alternative

A call for aesthetically consistent and not just accessibly descriptive text for graphics and imagery in the digital realm.

Designing in-medium is not as difficult as you fear

The tools are widely available and a vast number of people are already using them, albeit for a different reason. A quick plan for structuring workflows/processes in any UX/UI practice. If you can use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Sketch, you can pick up and learn Webflow quite easily.

Aesthetic and desire in user experience

The client, their aunt or cousin or grandmother, your neighbor's grandson who “always had an eye for these sort of things”, and even you, a designer, are not as single individuals reliable resources for aesthetic.

Toppling Ancient Columns and Alignment

In static comps, most engineers will find a disabled layer riddled with pink columns. I'd like to make an argument against these pink columns of fascist, albeit often ignored intent and offer a way of looking at alignment at two levels: through containers and individual object alignment.

Storytelling on the web

To infer is to solve a problem with our own internal resources. It's the closest we'll be getting to telepathy anytime soon. Inference allows us to understand a concept more so than if it were bottled, packaged, and delivered to us directly.

Consider the thumb in responsive web design

A plea to designers to consider touch realty in touch environments.