To know wisdom and instruction

I had the immense pleasure of working with Monica Snelling (then Design Director at Levine & Associates) to design a book to accompany Anthony Levdoyan's exhibition exploring the collection's expansive archive of Armenian texts from scrolls to illuminations to pocket flyers.

This project also afforded me the pleasure of working directly with the curator Levon Avdoyan in his "office" deep in the Library of Congress, and helping to select spreads and photography setups for the images used in the final manuscript.

Photo of two individuals looking at a book

↑ Standing over Levon (left) and Monica (right) and control-drooling over the next spread to capture.

Being able to work in the Library of Congress and with the photographer and writer gave me a greater control of how the assets would be photographed, provisioning for my dream layout: large spreads where the photographed gutters aligned into the IRL gutters of the "reprinting".

Photo of book interior spreadPhoto of book interior spreadPhoto of book interior spreadPhoto of book interior spread

Levine & Associates


Art Direction, Photo Editing, Design


Paperback, 100 pages, 8.9" x 8.9"



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