I led the complete redesign and overhaul of The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory site alongside the Director of Strategy and Producer at Third & Grove. The project was split into two phases in order to collect user data (since the previous agency hadn't set tracking for listening previously).

↑ Phase 1 navigation redesign

As an initial phase, this found us focusing on the navigation and how users were finding their way to key pages. Particularly, we pulled out the key pages our discovery of GA data was informing us users were finding a hard time getting to.

Navigation redesign was a success! Pageviews increased dramatically:

The second phase was a complete overhaul and redesign, both structurally and to the theme. Everything from the video background heroes to the tiles are supported by a component-based editing experience, allowing Draper's team to easily deploy many iterations and pages without suffering great design. This also focused the user experience on content: what Draper does best.

Another key requirement was to express how important the labs/capabilities were together, and not just as individual concentrations. This was supported by a more dynamic taxonomy structure, allowing varying nodes across the site to be grouped together effortlessly.

↓ Phase 2 complete redesign


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