Engineering Apollo: Sugar Films X Draper

As Design Lead at Third & Grove, we partnered with Sugar Films to develop an experience exhibiting and celebrating the Draper Laboratory engineers that got us to the moon with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. Instead of focusing on the commonly spotlighted superstars, the astronauts, Draper wanted us to put the emphasis on the software and hardware engineers the developed some of the most pivotal elements that not only ensured a successful mission (and the many other Apollo missions before and after the moon landing) but continue to be used today in different industries of our everyday life. In this, the target audience wasn’t just baby-boomers, alive and watching during the moon landing, but primarily millennials. The portal’s objective is to educate without boring and entice without pandering to a younger generation of burgeoning engineers.

This project saw a multiple of rounds focusing on different experiences that could be brought together into a unified portal. Each prototype was available for user testing through the verification of persona targeting.

↑ ↓ Initial Moodboards, in-medium

↓ An element concept allowing a user to experience interiors and exteriors, as well as objects in 3D environments.

↓ A page concept showing experience through time.

↓ A homepage concept integrating several element concepts and various many parts.

↓ A page concept bringing together many different media elements.


Third & Grove


Design Lead


2017-18 (Launch 2019)